Women in movement

The women’s movement is organised separately to the MPP, with its own structure and influence...

A structured movement...

The women’s movement in the MPP is an independent structure based on the same model as the MPP. There are grassroots groups, local, zone and central assemblies. It is managed by all-woman coordination committees at all levels. Coordinating committees lead the movement, with group leaders, and local, zone and central coordination committees compose of women in the MPP, with their own organisation but participating in all the different bodies of the MPP. Women participate on an equal level with men at the central congress. Still, a separate assembly exists to promote issues relating to women.
In the past, few women were leaders within the different programmes of the MPP. The founder thus suggested sending five young women on university scholarships at Port-au-Prince and abroad. Now, women can be found in all the leadership and assisting roles of the MPP. There are also woman accountants, managers, economists, doctors, engineers, agronomists, nurses...

...Active too!

Women participate in all the activities of the MPP. They have the equal rights and responsibilities in the movement. Yet, women are responsible for specific economic activities. They work in agricultural production (crops and livestock), and from the produce make: peanut butter, fruit-based products, clothing, local produce for sale, staple foods for the population.
Women take part in protests against violence against women with other women’s groups.
They say: SAN FANM CHANJMAN PA POSIB, or No change possible without women!

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