The tire garden Festival!

The tire garden festival was held on the 23 October 2012, in Carida (4th section of Aguahedionde left bank, commune of Hinche). This project « Lakou jaden lavi » is supported by the MPP. 165 families in four communes (Karida, Leodial, Matibonit, Ceramon) already have their own tire gardens.

Accène, agronomist and Deputy Director of MPP, was there for the event. People from the community showed their garden produce and promoted tire gardens. After a word of welcome to the gathering and to members of MPP (the Deputy Director, the project coordination team, the communication team, Ronel (Alterpresse journalist), the speech from the coordination team of MPP (agronomist Alexander Placide, agronomist Dieula, Agam, …), the gathering said prayers and sang (« ti pimen pike »). The Jaden Lakou Karida committee (KJLD), 9 members, of which two are women, was also present.

At his speech, Accène noted that the right to food was a fundamental right, the most important one : « La Manjai ». He congratulated the participants and their beautiful fruit and vegetables. He said : « At the next meeting we must invite a representative from the Department of Agriculture to show him what we are doing; how with very little investment and on very small surfaces, farmers can produce such quality and quantity!» In Haïti, 80% of the population are peasants, who are not supported by the State. The tire garden enables them to gain autonomy in the market place, and their produce has the added value of being organic.

Feedback from participants

All are agreed that these tire gardens are important. There are only advantages to this scheme: no need to buy vegetables on the market; the crops are varied (masoko, benzoliv), which is healthy, and there is always something to do! Profits from sales go to the school and for clothes. Women can gain financial independence from their husbands. For example, you can earn 1500 gourdes for the crop from one tire, buy a pig for 200 gourdes (????? bénéfices de piments piqués) then sell it for at least 600 gourdes ! Two difficulties were raised: access to water and problems with locusts.

What projects for 2013 ?

Increase tire gardens to neighbouring communities (mapou, Colladère etc…) to ensure a healthy and independent food source « maje pepe »« garn moun nan zanfè manje », and to triple the number of families who benefit from this scheme. The evaluation criteria are simple: grow local produce, which demands more labour (cabbage, peppers), and the beauty of these vegetables.

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