The MPP is boiling

The MPP will be celebrating its 40th anniversary from the 17 to the 22 March. This is an historical occasion which is much anticipated. There will be roughly 2000 guests, members of the MPP, groups, but also international guests, our partners, most notably the founder of the Landless Movement of Brazil!

There have been numerous meetings to organise this event, and the main offices have been redecorated. The main project however is the construction of a new office!

Everyone is involved, not least the communications team. Its mission is to meet beneficiaries from peasant groups, to hear their accounts of how the MPP has changed their lives, in order to take stock of the last 40 years. The final aim is to make a documentary on the founder and history of the organisation.

The congress will end with a march from Papaye to Hinche (around 10 km), under the colours of the MPP. This year, the aim is ambitious: 40 years, 40 000 walkers!
Throughout these 40 years, the MPP has suffered many hardships, from political developments, resistance, social difficulties and natural catastrophes. Today, the MPP is the largest peasant organisation in Haïti. Jean-Baptiste Chavannes is a nationally recognised figure.


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