« Seeds for Haïti »

Hurricane Sandy destroyed 70 % of farming in Haïti. The purchase of new seeds is vital for the survival of thousands of peasant farmers.

Each day counts : In order not to miss the next harvest, vegetable, bean and corn seeds, and banana shoots, must be planted in January. From now to the end of December 2012, we need to buy 43 tons of seeds to ensure the success of the « Seeds for Haïti » operation. The aim is to restart farming for 7 000 peasant families, around 35 000 people, amongst those most affected by the catastrophe.

In Haïti, the peasants are ready ! Jean-Baptiste Chavannes is coordinating the purchase, distribution and planting of seeds in villages and communities.
Haïtian peasants need your support ; help us by buying these seeds for Christmas !

Discover the « Seeds for Haïti » operation in detail at: http://www.fdh.org/don/sandy/

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