The only way for peasants to change their living conditions is to be organized. « Get organized or die », is the motto of the Papaye Peasant Movement.

The guiding principle behind the MPP is group organization. For over 30 years, MPP has trained coordinators, for itself and for other institutions throughout the country. The role of these coordinators is to train peasants to form community groups of 12 people, who meet up once a week.

The group is a framework within which peasants receive training on several levels ; they learn farming methods, basic healthcare, but also their rights, the principles of leadership and a measure of control in their own future.

Several groups (at least 7) in a same region form a local assembly, which meets once a month. Several local assemblies (at least 4) form a regional assembly, which meets once every three months. All the regional assemblies form the general assembly of MPP. This assembly meets once a year. It is comprised mainly of delegates from local assemblies, who send three members each, one male, one female, and a youth.

Every five years, the general assembly is the occasion for the MPP conference. The general assembly and the conference constitute the supreme authority of the MPP. This year, the conference will mark the 40th anniversary of the MPP.

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