At each level of the organisation, elected officers are in charge of coordination, as follows :

  • Managers of groups. There is a president or coordinator, a secretary, and a treasurer. These officers are elected for three years, with one possible renewal.

  • The local coordination committee. This committee is composed of presidents or coordinators of local assembly groups. It chooses from among its members a coordinator, a secretary and a treasurer, who are ratified by the local assembly. This committee meets twice a month.

  • The regional coordination committee. Composed of coordinators from local coordination committees. It elects from its members a regional coordinator, a secretary and a treasurer, who are ratified by the regional assembly.

  • Central coordination committee. Composed of regional coordinators. However, regions that have over a hundred groups can have a second delegate, those with over two hundred groups can have two additional delegates. It elects from its members, a secretary-general, a deputy secretary-general, and a treasurer. It also elects, from amongst all the members of MPP, a spokesman and two deputy spokesmen. All these appointments must be ratified by the MPP general assembly. The central coordination committee meets once ever three months.

  • The executive committee. This committee is composed of the secretary-general of the MPP who is the president, the secretary-general of the women’s movement of the MPP, the secretary-general of the youth movement of the MPP, the executive director of the MPP who is nominated by the central coordination committee to coordinate the organisation’s programmes, the president of the KOSMIKA cooperative and the coordinators of the 12 committees designated by statute to assist the organisation. The executive committee constitutes the collective management of the MPP. This committee meets usually once a month.

  • To coordinate the programmes and projects on a daily basis, the central coordination committee designates an executive director. He/she coordinates MPP’s activities, with the help of an administrative team and staff who work in the different programmes and projects. The director reports to the executive committee and to the central coordination committee.

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