Occasional partnerships

Canadian centre for management of local funds in Haiti. The Canadian centre for management of local funds has supported the projects run by the Women of the MPP before and after the earthquake. The fund has financed an agricultural production in Mahotières, a town in Port-de-Paix.

Manos Unidas (Spain). Financed a programme for the development of agricultural production for three towns on the central plateau.

The Barr Foundation financed the construction of a water conveyance in Marmont, Hinche.

Past partnerships:
Cebemo (Holland). Now called Cordaid, financed the programme for training the MPP’s organisers and trainers on a national level as well as the programme for traditional agriculture for a period of twenty years.

Protos Belgique worked with the MPP on water and traditional agriculture for 20 years.

Helvetas Suisse worked with the MPP for 5 years running up the the coup d’état of 1991 on our agroforestry programme, that we now refer to as our agroecological programme.

FOKAL (Haiti) supported our radio programme “Radio Vaix Paysanne” in the past. We maintain perennial relations with FOKAL who help on MPP’s projects from time to time.

Broederlijk Delen (Belgium) financed a literacy project for the MPP.

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