Our objectives

MPP wants to gather all the poor peasants (men, women, youth, and children) from all the corners of Haïti in a large national movement to fight to build a Haïti where everyone finds life. The organization fights, among other things, for food sovereignty, decent jobs and education for all, health care made available to all, decent housing and recreation, for freedom of conscience as well as for freedom of speech.

MPP fights notably for:

• The education and training of peasants so that they understand that they must be agents of their own destiny. They must organize themselves to change their subhuman living conditions in which they find themselves.

• An integral agrarian reform that allows peasants to have security on the land they work, medium and long-term agricultural credit at a reduced rate, technical assistance of the state, a lucrative market for the sale of agricultural products, and crop insurance.

• The equality between men and women in a just and fraternal society.

Defending popular culture and national values. Advocacy of interests of the peasantry between national and international organizations who represent interests of the peasantry in the entire world.

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