The principle missions of MPP are the following:

  • To promote the organization of the entire mass of poor peasants of Haïti (men, women, youths) in order to fight to build a society where basic human needs are satisfied (food, housing, education, employment, health care, leisure, etc.), all the while respecting the identity and liberty of the people.
  • To create a project of popular education that will allow impoverished peasants to become aware of their situation of exploitation and oppression, so that they can organize and mobilize themselves to transform this subhuman situation.
  • To fight for true agrarian reform allowing impoverished peasants to participate in different times of the production process and to be the main beneficiaries.
  • To work to achieve food self-sufficiency and to end dependency.
  • To fight for equality for men and women so that together, they fight for real social change.
  • To collaborate with other organizations in defending popular interests.
  • To maintain relationships with international organizations who defend peasants’ rights and the rights of the poor in general.

In the long term, to achieve these objectives, MPP will take the following concrete actions:

  • Establish solidarity between impoverished peasants.
  • Produce and control production to eliminate food aid in Haïti.
  • Organize the storage and commercialization of agricultural products.
  • Organize production, processing, flow and supply cooperatives.
  • Combat smuggling of agricultural products.
  • Claim social services of the state (schools, clinics, clean water, roads, etc.)
  • Jointly defend peasant interests before in court.
  • Fight for Creole to become the official language of the country.
  • Promote, encourage, develop popular theater, popular music, folk dances and popular religiosity.

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