Management training session on agroforestry

From 15 to 18 April, Mr Wilfrid Pineau, agronomist with the French association Pro-Natura International [1] and Belus Roosvelt, an agronomist with L’Athlétique d’Haïti led a training session on agroforestry and specifically on taking cuttings of different species. They constructed a “cuttings box”, with agronomists from the MPP.

The planting box is a tool which allows for the multiplication of trees without seeds. It uses vegetative propagation, which is important for the domestication of native fruit trees, as it means they can be grown as they should be: big, sweet, fleshy, etc. The fruit can be sold better at market, and thus contributes to the safeguarding of native species which are becoming extinct. Trees from cuttings grow and yield fruit more quickly, farmers are more motivated to grow and maintain these trees, which facilitates the MPPs work of plantation and follow-up on behalf of the farmers. Furthermore, the fruit of trees grown from cuttings is 100% identical to the fruit from the parent trees (flavour, fleshiness, etc); it is thus easier to increase the number of trees which are difficult to grow. It is a matter of urgency that farmers plant large numbers of the best specimens of fruit trees.

The cuttings box is a mini-greenhouse, a PVC cube covered with a transparent plastic tarp, which can produce around 100 usable tree cuttings a month, all year round. It is easy to construct: you need sand, pebbles, gravel, water, bamboo or PVC tubing. 10.This technology permits community reforesting which increases food security, combats erosion, diversifies food, and preserves biodiversity in rural areas.

[1Since 2010, the MPP has collaborated with Pro-Natura International on the issues of agroforestry and intensive ecological market gardening - financement d’EDF.


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