Farmers say no to multinational offensive

On Tuesday 5th June 2012, on World Environment Day, 12,000 Haitian farmers marched the streets of Hinche, the main town of central Haiti, to show their discontent with multinational companies

“Rebati anviwonman se kore agrikilti lakay” (Rebuild the environment to save local farming) was the chosen them for World Environment Day. Numerous social change organizations, such as our partner Movement for the landless (Brazil), participated in marches against multinationals.

Setting off at 11am from the training center for farm management at the MPP, the protestors marched for many hours to say no to ’green capitalism’, hybrid seed and biofuels. They staged the death of multinationals by burying a coffin containing the names of land-exploiting businesses.

At the end of the day, in the town square, the MPP celebrated the occasion by organizing an exhibition of local products and distributing organic seed.

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