Economy and Cooperatives

For the MPP, economy is the basis of all human society. This is why the end of of the training session on GROUPEMENT is a debate on community economy.

In order to become a group, a group must decide to create social capital in view of a collective investment.
The economic section of MPP has two branches :

  • The first consists in developing cooperative activities within the MPP assemblies at different levels, in setting up units for production/processing of farm produce, units of craft production, etc.
  • The second aims at the creation of economic activities to auto-finance the MPP. These activities are carried out by the executives of MPP, or in association with MPP local and regional assemblies.

    Concretely, there are several activities :

  • Carrying out feasability and profitability studies on the activities that group or cooperatives decide to set up.
  • Carrying out feasability studies on activities that the MPP has decided to develop alone or in partnership with GROUPEMENT or cooperatives.
  • Training leaders of economic activities within GROUPEMENT or cooperatives, on management and accountancy for their project (between 5 and 60 days, depending on the level of financial responsibility of the project).
  • Support for cooperative activities especially units for processing maize, sugar can, manioc, peanut, etc.
  • Help with the preparation of reports.

    The MPP organises periodic training sessions in management and accountancy for production cooperatives, at the national training centre for farming management, at Papyaye (3rd communal sector of Hinche).
    This section is also responsible for the issue of integral land reform.

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