Community Healthcare

The MPP argues for what it has called an integrated healthcare programme. Its primary objective over the last 35 years has been prevention.

Lifestyle is a primordial question when it comes to health. The MPP’s projects in the field of health are by and large preventative (food, drinking water, hygiene and sex education, parenting skills and physical activity). Health workers live with the community and offer support.

The MPP also organises training courses in natural medicine. We are currently setting up a programme for the production of natural remedies for certain illnesses. An example is Benzolive (Moringa olifera), which the MPP encourages families to use. We dry and powder the moringa plant and use it, with great success, in the treatment of malnourished children.

In 2001, the MPP established a Health Centre offering:

• medical consultations
• a laboratory
• a pharmacy

The members of the Health Centre (a full-time doctor, a public health consultant, two nurses, two assistants and six community-health workers) offer training in traditional midwifery, training health workers for and in communities. This is our conception of integrated healthcare.

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