Community Education

MPP’s central mission is community education. This process is aimed at raising awareness in peasant communities ; teaching people that they can play a role in gaining social justice and economic change.

Awakening consciences

The MPP aims to bring about profound social change in Haïti. To do this, mass awareness is necessary, particularly in peasant communities, which represent over 70% of the country’s population and who do not believe in their ability to change their lives. The MPP has set up community education programmes to transform popular belief in this matter.
The MPP is developing management training programmes in several fields, for members of GROUPEMENT. It trains midle managers at a technical and university level. These managers usually come back to work for the organisation . Every year, we train in two areas :

  • Community educators. This training programme has three 15 day sessions, for 40 to 50 people, chose by farming organisations throughout the country.
  • Another course is held for 40 to 50 experienced instructors. They receive 55 days of training, and then graduate with a diploma as leaders/instructors for social change. The work of these instructors should facilite procedures for raising awareness and organizing men, women and children in rural areas.

    MPP training programme caters not only for managers of groups, but also for technical, administrative, and other staff.

Legal aid

The MPP has a legal aid department. This section organizes basic legal training for management on farming matters, especially on laws pertaining to civil status.
We offer a legal aid service to members, and in some cases non-members of MPP. When members have a legal issue, they can come and ask advice from MPP lawyers.
When members have to go to court, MPP lawyers can defend their case if we judge that they are victims of abuse or exploitation. If a member of MPP attempts to exploit a peasant farmer, MPP will defend this farmer against its own member, who will then be ousted.


Our most important awareness and training aids are : local radio (Radyo Vya Peyizan), the monthly magazine Rezistans/Aksyon Peyizan (Resistance/Farmer Action), songs and posters.

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