A network of correspondants for Radio Vwa Peyizan

On 21 to 23 February 2013, the farming management training centre in Papaye (Hinche), hosted a training programme on « radio-journalism » for 15 youths from 12 municipalities of the Central Plateau region.

This two-day session, organised by Radio Vwa Peyizan of Papaye (Rvp) taught the youths different journalistic techniques: newsflash, report, write-up and interview. This initiative will facilitate a wider broadcasting of information from town and countryside.
Several of the exercises showed that participants in the session were ready for a career in journalism.
Thanks to this network, peasants will be able to speak out in real time, says Simon Maucles, one of the participants from Cerca-la- source. He says he is ready to go forward with the experience gained at the session.
The network of RVP correspondents will be operational from the 4 March 2013.

The Rvp is a non-profit organisation which is supported by the MPP. It offers broadcasts responding to cultural, informational and educational needs.

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