A march for national sovereignty

A march for national sovereignty will officially end the Congress. For its 40-year anniversary, the MPP decided to gather 40 000 people in the streets of Hinche.

On Friday 22 March 2013, participants at the Congress will walk from Papaye to Hinche, in the name of national sovereignty. Supporters of the MPP will walk the streets of the town before heading towards Charlemagne Péralte Square, to hear the final declaration.
On the occasion of this march, peasants will once more plead for national sovereignty, and say no to land grabbing, development of free zones, to the selling-off of mineral resources, and to the occupation of the country by foreign powers.

The Youth Movement of Hinche (MJH), comprised of several hunded young students and workers, has lent its complete support to this demonstration. According to its coordinator Elisson Augustin, political ethics are nonexistent in Haïti and the political system is completely chaotic.

Several organisations have been invited to participate in this event, particularly Via Campesina, the Landless Movement of Brazil (MST), Je nan Je (Face to Face), The National Congress Movement of Papaye (Mpnkp), Kaba Grangou, the National Platform for Peasant Organisations (Planopa), Kowòdinasyon Nasyonal Fanm Peyizan (National Coordination of Women Farmers/ Konafap), Tet kole ti paysan, and all their international partners.

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