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Discover the programme of the Congress. Around 2000 people will attend this event, from the 17 to 22 March 2013. Between debates, discussions, retrospectives and plans for action, this will be the occasion to sum up the last 40 years of combat and actions, and to determine the course of action in years to come.

Monday 18 March
The day will start with a mystique , followed by talks by leaders and international guests. Special decorations and prizes will be awarded, interspersed with dancing by Ibolélé, the MPP’s cultural group.
At midday, local, regional, national and religious authorites are invited to the inauguration of the MPP’s new offices.
At 4pm, the first conference will be held on the analysis of the international and national context, by João Pedro Stedile, of the Landless Movement of Brazil (MST), Professor Jean-Claude Cherubin and Jean-Baptiste Chavannes.
In the evening, there will be a showing of the first part of a documentary on the history of the MPP.

Tuesday 19 March
The day will be devoted to conferences :

  • Conference on national sovereignty, by the historian Michel Soukar and Michèle Pierre Louis (President de FOKAL, a Port-au-Prince foundation, and former Prime Minister).
  • Conference on food sovereignty, by Jean-Baptiste Chavannes.
  • Conference on land grabbing and total agrarian reform, by João Pedro Stedile of the MST, the economist Camille Chalmers (Executive Director of PAPDA, a Haïtian NGO) and the National Director of the Land Reform Institute of Haïti (INARA).
  • At midday, we will hear people’s accounts of mining exploitation in the Dominican Republic and in Haïti.
  • Conference on women’s role in the combat for social change, by Colette Lespinasse (from an NGO which protects the rights of Haïtian immigrants in the Dominican Republic) and Danielle Magloire (sociologist from the women’s organisation SOFA).
  • Conference on youth participation in social change, by a young Dominican, Anna, and by a youth from the MPP, Annette.

Wednesday 20 March
This day will be devoted to discussions and debate: guests and delegates will be spread out over 30 workshops, to debate the themes of Tuesday’s conferences. The aim is to draw conclusions which will form part of the final declaration of the Congress.
The afternoon session will be devoted to a discussion of the MPP’s official documents, to a confirmation or modification of statutes.

Thursday 21 March
In the morning, a presentation and discussion will take place, centred on the MPP’s policies for the next ten years; this will be followed by a succint presentation of the MPP’s strategic plan for the next five years.
In the afternoon, MPP leaders will present the final declaration of the Congress for debate, followed by a global financial report of the congress expenses and budget. They will thank the institutions and organisations which contributed to the Congress.
In the evening, the group Ibolélé will present a show, followed by a dance.

Friday 22 March
The MPP is expecting 40 000 people for the the final parade, from Papaye to Hinche. The walkers will march around the town, up to Charlemagne Peralte square, for a public presentation of the final resolution of the Congress.


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