A Season of Reflection

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st were given over to the thinking out of the organisation itself, in light of the major issues debated on Tuesday and the assessment made of the movement, its perspectives and possible direction after 40 years.

Wednesday 20th March The delegates got together in 30 groups, 20. each led by one individual with a secretary taking notes on the participants’ thoughts and questions. They worked on 10 questions raised during the conference on Tuesday. Each of these workshops was given a name from the history of revolution, including Hugo Chavez, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and even Charlemagne Péralte. The conclusions reached during these workshops were used to write the final declaration.

10.Thursday 21st March, in the morning, the Congress presented the major axes of development for the next ten years to delegates and guests, contained in a document resuming the past 40 years of operations, a critical look at the weaknesses of the MPP, and the orientations resulting from the conclusions of the General Assembly held from 6th to 9th February. During this process, those present were able to give their opinions and ask questions. The debate was lively, but discussions nonetheless ended with the ratification of the document put forward to the general assembly. The theme given to this general assembly was ’Yon MPP granmoun, nan yon Ayiti granmoun’ or A sovereign MPP for a sovereign Haiti, also the main theme of the Congress.


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